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Tab Docking Layouts

My Ching has a sophisticated tab management system that allows you to divide your screen into different areas.

Docking Example

Normally when you open a journal entry, it obscures the search engine tab. But if your screen is wide enough, it is possible to rearrange the tabbing so that the search engine tab is always visible and journal entry search results open in a new tab docking area to the right of the search tab.

(Click on screenshot for full size)

Tab Docking

How this is done

  1. After maximizing the My Ching application window, move the splitter bar over to the right to hide the hexagram artwork.
  2. Open one journal entry from the search results and then reselect the search tab.
  3. Drag and drop the search tab on to the left hand portion of small cross which will automatically appear in the center of the screen. As the mouse cursor moves over the cross, the left portion of the screen changes to a transparent color. (Note for Linux users **)
  4. Release the mouse button, and the new tabbing area is created.

(Click on screenshot for full size)

Docking a Tab on Windows 7


** Note Linux users will not see a small cross appearing. Instead they should drag the search tab to the left hand side of the screen and watch for the mouse cursor icon to change into a little window with an arrow on it.