The My Ching software is designed to be a companion application for regular users of the I Ching. This ancient Chinese classic, also known as  The Book of Changes, is one of the world's most influential books, comparable to the Bible, the Koran, and the Upanishads. Besides being a book of wisdom it is also functions as a divination system, and is commonly used as a decision making tool to get "an outside perspective" on any matter.

My Ching fulfills three main purposes:

  1. To record the results of I Ching divinations in a set of journals, allowing you to add your own thoughts, comments and links to resources.
  2. To years later, make searching for specific reading entries as easy as googling the web.
  3. To bring together the best hexagram translations and commentaries from around the Internet in an easily accessible form.

Feature Summary

The ten best features of My Ching:

1. Web-style search engine

We are all used to using an Internet search engine to find relevant information. Now you can search through your journal readings with something similar. My Ching has a search engine with a clean and simple interface. Beyond simple keyword searches, the engine supports an extensive query notation offering limitless flexibility in the kinds of searches you can do. In a nutshell it combines simplicity with unlimited flexibility.

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Search Engine Results

2. Hexagram Reference

My Ching features a special journal that functions as a hexagram reference. This reference is searchable by keywords/phrases associated with each hexagram. Each entry contains links to the best online-resources on the Internet. Because it's a journal, you are free to edit them and add your own hexagram materials and links to resources.

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Hexagram Reference Listing

3. Elegant and uncluttered aesthetic

The journal pages have an elegant uncluttered design with feminine lines i.e. no sharp corners! The integrity of the design is preserved by hiding navigation buttons until the moment you actually need to use them. When you don't need them, you don't see them.

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Viewing a Journal Page

4. Tabbed Information

My Ching supports page tabbing in a very similar way to modern web browsers. You have the search engine in one tab and each journal page opens in a separate tab. Hexagram web resources and help pages also have their own tabs.

5. Related readings

Easily link related readings together. Navigate to a related reading using the hyper-links at the bottom of the reading journal page. You may have noticed that this page is themed differently from the other screenshots, which brings us to the sixth reason.

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View related readings

6. Visually configurable

The look of the journal pages is highly configurable. Seven built-in themes are provided, to which you can add your own custom themes. Choose from 15 different line styles, 3 different banner images, 3 different footer images, and any fonts and page/border color you prefer.

(Click on screenshot for full size)

Hexagram Line Design Preference

7. Manual and automated casting

My Ching offers a very efficient way of manually inputting the oracle's response, as well as a semi-automated way of casting a hexagram with a significant level of human interaction.

8. Page browser

You can browse through the pages of your journals either with the hidden "page turn" button, or via the Alt-arrow keyboard shortcut. The same feature is used to browse search results.

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Browsing Search Results

9. Secure protection for sensitive information

There are many I Ching journal entries that we would like to keep securely private in a separate "password protected" journal. My Ching supports optional 128 bit AES encryption on all journals.

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Passphrase required

10. Advanced hexagram perspectives

For advanced I Ching users, My Ching allows you include various extra derived hexagram figures for display on each journal page.

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Advanced Hexagram Figures

What People are Saying

Here is a selection of what satisfied customers are saying about My Ching:

"I'm most impressed with your non-trial version enhancements!  This is so cool!  I'm going to be spending a lot of time exploring and learning here.  You've done a great job!"
-- Anne Krause (Los Angeles, California)
"I love your software and have found it extremely useful already."
-- Jennifer Nielsen (United States)
"I like the style and depth of information."
-- Chris Weallans (Surrey, United Kingdom)
"it all went great and i love it , thank you :)"
-- Christine Lang (Queensland, Australia)
"I appreciate immensely your interest in providing a user with access to a numerous amounts of various data from only a single source.. ..Great Software :-)"
-- Joseph Pagnanella (Florida, US)
"5 Stars! Excellent i-Ching Journaling and Reference Application! ..  ..I can highly recommend My Ching to anyone looking for a Complete i-Ching Journaling solution!"
-- Will Cochrane (Georgia, US)
"Thanks again for your great work on the My Ching software product. It is quite useful, and fun!"
-- Vinny Pinto (Maryland, US)
"I like the overall look and graphical appeal of your program and it took all of 5 minutes to figure out how to use it. The interface is very intuitive."
-- William Homan-Muise (California, US)
"I want to congratulate and thank you for creating such an outstanding program."
-- Charles A Gallozzi (Ontario, Canada)

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