On a Windows PC

After downloading the Windows install package to your PC, find the package with File Explorer and double click on it. This will initiate the installer process. Then follow the instructions in section Completing Installation below.

On a Linux PC

It is first necessary to download the install script install_my_ching.sh from the myching.software website, then follow these instructions:

1. Open a terminal window and set the current directory set to the folder containing the shell script you downloaded from the website: install_my_ching.sh. For example:

cd Downloads/My\ Ching

2. Type the following in the terminal to execute the script. (note: the leading dot is important)

. install_my_ching.sh

3. In case the required package libcurl3 is not installed you will be prompted for your password to install it. The install package for My Ching will then be downloaded and you will be prompted for your password again to start the installation.

4. To finish follow the instructions in the next section Completing Installation.

Completing Installation

1. When the installer launches you will see a window representing a sheet of A5 paper. Follow the instructions given on the A5 page.

(Click on screenshot for full size)

Screen Size Setup

2. The installer will then spend some time downloading sample journals

(Click on screenshot for full size)

Downloading Sample Journals

3. after which the installer will spend a few minutes downloading illustrations for each of the 64 hexagrams

(Click on screenshot for full size)

Downloading Hexagram Illustrations

4. After the install has finished, you can launch My Ching from the Education menu category, or you can just type My in the finder box. There is also a menu entry to uninstall My Ching.

5. If you have a .izip journals backup file from a Windows machine, you can restore this backup in the Linux version.