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Creating and Editing

Clicking the "New Entry" button to the left of the search box will create a new journal entry in "edit mode". The editing mode can also be activated by clicking on the edit button when viewing an entry. The editing tab is divided into three sections, only one of which is visible at any time. Navigate to the other two using the navigation links or the ALT + LEFT/RIGHT arrow keyboard shortcut.

Entering a Question

In first section you enter the question and the entry date (today's date by default).

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Entering the Question

Manual Hexagram Entry

If you have already invoked the oracle using your preferred method, you can enter the hexagram you received in one of two ways.

Speed Dialing

Dial the coin values you received in the casting process using the numeric keypad starting with the first line.

Clicking Lines

By default, hexagram number 1 is displayed with all yang lines. Click on a hexagram line with the mouse pointer to reverse it's state. Starting with the left hand hexagram, click on the lines until the hexagram matches the one you received in the casting process. If there are any changing lines, indicate those by clicking on the right hand hexagram.

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Hexagram Speed Dialing

Semi-automated Casting

If you don't wish to bother with the manual ritual of receiving a hexagram, you can try the quick and easy method offered by My Ching. At the start of the My Ching casting, all of the hexagram lines are erased except the first. However the line is shown in an animated state of flux, neither yin nor yang. The line is resolved to a yin or yang state by placing the mouse cursor over the line and clicking three times. Each click corresponds to a coin throw or yarrow bundle division which is displayed in the "paper tag" on the banner. As there are actually two lines, the one on the left may differ from the right hand one,  in which case you have received a changing line. Then the second line is displayed in an animated state of flux, and so forth until you have completed the casting.

Each click on a fluctuating line stops a virtual stop-watch accurate to less than a ten thousandth of a second. A mathematical calculation is preformed to make an equivalent result to a coin toss or yarrow stick bundle division which is then displayed on the right hand "paper tag" in the banner. This process is described in more detail in the manual.

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Hexagram Casting Process

Casting Buttons

Start a hexagram casting by clicking on the Yarrow stalk or Coin button on the right side of the page banner. Don't worry if you can't see them. They become visible as soon as the mouse cursor enters the right side of the banner.

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Hexagram Casting Buttons

Adding Notes

Add any thoughts and comments on the reading in the notes sections. Text enclosed with two Equals signs == will be displayed using the title font and color on the entry viewing page.

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Adding Journal Entry Notes

Saving the Entry

Clicking on the Save button (far right) will change the layout so all the information is viewable on a single page.

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Saved Journal Entry